A history of achievement

Applica’s culture is one of dedication to the success of our customers, and our history bears this out.
We combine tireless innovation and extensive research with exceptional expertise and comprehensive experience across a wide range of industries and business functions. We collaborate with our clients
to reduce their costs of doing business while helping them improve the service they provide
for their customers.

About Us


Applica employs consultants within its shared Centers of Excellence with a single objective, helping clients reduce cost and improve service levels. We have identified three trends that will dominate the Information Technology landscape in the coming years.

The first trend, customers have specific business problems; they need solutions now, not tomorrow. Customers need capabilities to solve these specific problems. Some of these capabilities include, but not limited to; managing cash flows better, improving collection processes, gaining visibility across subsiadiaries and cutting down on costs. These are specific problems where a solution cannot be prescribed, but one where an in-depth analysis of the customers' business processes is required. In order to solve these problems, we extract capabilities from software, add implementation services around them and make it available to our customers. This approach not only reduces cost but also enhances service levels.

The second trend pertains to issues in governance, risk and compliance. Most companies still use manual tools to be compliant with regulations. They also cannot guarantee whether their processes are compliant with important regulations like HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley and the likes. Moreover In today's business landscape, it is not enough to comply with just SOX or HIPPA; companies may need to comply with multiple regulations that span heterogeneous environments. We have the right mix of professionals that can assist companies in being compliant with important regulations and help them in selecting a comprehensive line of software to achieve this. We also establish an organizational wide set of policies and implement them in accordance to role-based controls.

The third trend, corporate objectives and IT strategies are not aligned. In order to achieve this, we assist our customer in building a 3-5 year roadmap that is aligned with strategy, software, hardware, and services. We implement solutions using industry best practices and implement solutions that can be deployed fast, and in a reliable and secure manner. This enables our customers to get a positive ROI and accomplish this within a short span of time. It also gives confidence to our customers that monitoring processes are working and that it can be measured.

We believe the best methodology is the methodology that gets the work done for our customers. We would not ask for our customers business unless we are reasonably certain we can improve it for them.